Aksaray University Faculty of Islamic Sciences Islamic Science Program is a 4 year (8 semesters) program. Programming courses and contents are lived in the light of Islamic culture and tradition during the centuries referenced to Qur'an and Sunnah, can keep up with changes and developments, The aim of this course is to educate knowledgeable, qualified and qualified experts of Islamic Sciences in the effort to produce by approach. Profession knowledge is predominantly possessed by the information, thought and formation content and richness required by today's people. Basic-rate courses are called "compulsory courses" and are courses that must be taught in every semester. Interdisciplinary views and lectures that enhance the idea of ​​liaising are presented as "elective courses" to students. Essential, the contents of the courses are theoretically defined. In practice, it is aimed to enrich the teaching with activities such as resources to be recommended, presentations to be made, group works, course assignments, seminars and graduation theses. Islamic Science Faculties are opened with the function and function with theology faculties. Academic and administrative functions have the same characteristics. According to the existing academic structure, the four sections are valid for Islamic sciences. While three of these are academic departments, the Primary Education Religion and Ethics Education Department has both an academic and an administrative faculty. Students come to this department by staying in the quota section of the faculty quota. Department of Basic Islamic Sciences, Department of Philosophy and Religious Sciences and Department of Islamic History and Arts. According to the current development legislation, students studying in the Department of Education of Religious Culture and Moral Education in Primary Education can be assigned as Pedagogical Formulation Courses according to the achievements in KPSS after 4 years in the undergraduate program, which is not preferred for these departments and is preferred at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. Those who have graduated from the Faculty of Theology / Islamic Sciences can apply for a certificate and a teacher from the Pedagogical Formation programs opened by the universities after their graduation. It continues to work on eliminating the difference. The Secretary-General of the United Nations is able to find a wide range of employment opportunities in non-governmental organizations, including public service organizations such as many service delivery organizations within the Directorate of Religious Affairs. One year mandatory Arabic preparatory class for the Islamic Science program. Islamic Science is indispensable Arabic education will be tried to be solved to a great extent in this class.