While starting…

Dear Students,

As Aksaray University Faculty of Islamic Sciences, we are experiencing the excitement and honor of participating in the field of education and training. If you are good at university, Aksarayımız, nationality and science world ... The first priority aim of the faculty of Islamic Sciences, which was established in August 2012, is to be able to start our education and training with the shortest period of time that our students will create the necessary minimum academic structure. Religion emerges as a growing phenomenon of meaning and value in the social arena. The developments that have emerged both in the world and in our country in recent years reveal very clearly the importance and necessity of religious education field. In this respect, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences has a very special and important position. We want to have a different color, a different sound and a different breath in the University campus, which is a flower garden in Aksaray, which is at an intersection of Central Anatolia. Do not doubt that the Faculty of Islamic Sciences will make every effort to deliver accurate religious information to our society, as well as the scientific and academic activities to be carried out in its field. We desire to live in this frame new and different beauties together. Our basic vision as the Faculty of Islamic Sciences is to educate students who are principled, knowledgeable, universal qualities and exemplary qualities by taking the basic resources of Islam as a reference and by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience in the field of religious sciences in the historical process. We desire to do good and good things, and in this way we are pleased and pleased to Allah.

Prof. Dr. M. Bahaüddin VAROL